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Golf Tournament Winners (2022)

From left to right
Chris Levenseller, Blake Laverdiere, John Phommachanh, Josh Winpenny (Not Pictured)

Golf Tournament Sign-up (2023)

Italian Dinner & Raffle

Join us for a Classic Italian Buffet style dinner, with DJ and awesome raffle prizes.
Please contact Edd Pedro via Call, Text, or Email to RSVP.

Tickets: $40 (Tax Deductible)
Date: June 13th, 2023
Time: 5:00 PM

Pawtucket Country Club
900 Armistice Blvd
Pawtucket, RI 02861



+1 (401) 575-3672 edd@wiffleman.com

Wiffleball Tournament Winners (2022)

From left to right
Wet Wedgies; Anthony Bisbano, Edd Pedro aka Wiffleman, Brenden Whalen, Alan Briggs

Wiffleball Tournament Sign-up (2023)

Wiffleman Merchandise


Current Year: $10
Previous Years: $5

Longsleeve Shirts

Current Year: $15
Previous Years: $10

Flex-Fit Hats

All Colors: $15

Game Rules


You cannot pitch more than 2 consecutive innings in an individual game. 1 pitch constitutes an innings.

The ball

Only official baseball size wiffle balls (8 slots on one side) will be used. Any ball with a crack more than ¼ inch crack is illegal. Only tournament supplied ball will be used.

The bat

Only official yellow wiffle bats. Tape not to exceed 8" from the bottom of the bat.

Balls and strikes

Will be determined by the hole in the backstop. A pitch goes through the hole without be swung at is an out. If the ball doesn't go throughthe hole and is not swung at it is a ball. The second foul ball with two strikes will be an out. If a batter catches or attempts to catch and makes contact with the pitch, That pitch will be considered a strike. A pitch that hits the batter is a ball, as long as the batter does not lean into the pitch. If a batter intentionally moves into the path of the pitch in an attempt to block the pitch from going through the strike zone, the pitch will be ruled a strike. The official count will be 4 balls and 3 strikes. All game balls must be left on the field at the end of the game for the next two teams to use.

Regulation game

Only official yellow wiffle bats. Tape not to exceed 8 inches from the bottom of the bat.

How you can score runs

  1. Home Run
  2. A runner on 1 st advances 1 base on a single, 2 bases on a double (meaning with a man on first and the batter hits a double, it’s runners at 2nd and 3rd) and results on a triple.
  3. A runner on 2 nd results on a double, triple and home run only.
  4. A runner on 3 rd results on any hit or sack fly.

Extra innings

Each team starts each extra inning with the bases loaded and no outs. There will be a maximum of 5 innings after 5 innings hitting the ball into fair territory with less then 2 outs will count as a run.

General rules

All teams are guaranteed at least 2 games. Teams consist of a minimum of 3 players. Only 3 players in the field, batting order will remain the same throughout the game. No bunting, No cleats, No running the bases. If you use a player that is not on your roster, your team will be disqualified from the tournament. Fielders may bobble the ball the batter is out as long as the ball doesn’t touch the ground. Batters earn one imaginary base on a single, two on a double, and three on a triple.


Any fair ball that goes beyond the single's line on the fly is a single, If the ball hit the cone it is a fair ball and must be caught before it stops or it will be a single. Past the double's line on the fly is a double. Past the triple's line on the fly or hits, the fence will be a triple. Over the fence is a home run., If the ball is not caught or rolls dead before the picked up will count as a single.

Dropped fly balls

Same as above. (Example) a fly ball that is touched and hits the wall will be a triple. A ground ball that rolls past the fair play line (15 ft. from the plate) must be fielded by a fielder to be considered an out.

Double plays

Only can happen with runner(s) on 1st, 1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd or bases loaded. A player fielding the ball has 3 seconds and one-step to throw the ball from the spot it is fielded through the strike zone to complete a double play. If successful, the lead runner is out as well as the runner going to first.

Sac fly

Only pertains to a runner on 3rd. Batter has option of tagging-you must say “sac fly or tag up” while the ball is in the air. The fielder who catches the ball has 3 seconds and one-step to hit anywhere on the backstop or through the strike zone on the fly from where they caught it. All batted balls must reach the fair play line at least 15ft from home plate to be playable; otherwise, it is a foul ball. You can tag up on a foul ball.

Coin toss

Will decide who will be the home team and the visiting team. In the Championship game, the undefeated team will be home. There will be a coin toss in the event of an “if” game.

Our Story

My name is Edd Pedro and my daughter Kelsey was diagnosed with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) at the age of 3. Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, her JRA is under control. As a result, we have been giving back to the Arthritis Foundation to help them fight for a cure for everyone with Arthritis.

Arthritis Foundation of New England is devoted to serving the special needs of children, teens, and adults with all Arthritis diseases and their families. We will be using some of the money raised to send children with Arthritis to camps geared toward their needs to improve their outlook on life.

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